Valeta has meditated in the Vipassana (Theravada) tradition since 1973 and is inspired to go beyond traditional association to the Wise Heart.  Exploring in depth the Universal Teachings of Buddhist psychology, Dzogchen, Advaita Vedant, Diamond Heart, Women's spirituality, western psychology and shamanic cross-cultural practices, she has come to experience the common threads of them all.  She is certified to teach meditation in the role of Community Dharma Leader, sponsored by Jack Kornfield, Phd and the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Teacher Council, located in Woodacre, CA.

Forever a student of life, for 30 years Valeta has trained, volunteered and worked in child-care, death and dying projects, managing yoga, meditation, and personal growth retreats. Beginning with intuitive and metaphysical consultations and topic groups her professional work evolved into a mindfulness-based, body-centered private practice with individuals and couples exploring skillfull means toward creating a whole, balanced and meaningful life. Other community formats include co-leading women's wilderness retreats, transpersonal study groups, workshops and daylong Inquiry and Meditation retreats in Oregon, Northern California and Southwest Colorado.

Her background in western and Buddhist psychology lends an intuitive, non-judgmental, compassionate,  straight-forward approach during the collaborative process. She is inspired by depth inquiry and transformation, conscious communication, body-mind-heart guided meditation practices, creative expression and revelation.  Her collaborations may be transforming, healing and awakening.

She enjoys gardening, kayaking, painting and writing process, walking in nature and actively participating as a grateful and joyful grandparent. 

from Valeta

While I don't ascribe to religion per se, I do believe in the divinity, the true nature moving inside and through every person. The sense that we are all in this together and that we are here with deep purpose to become all that we can be right out of the ordinary life we are living. For me this non-ordinary sensibility has been verified where our shared humanity is revealed.

From Jean Houston Phd, pioneer of the Human Potential Movement,

"I believe that we are headed, ultimately in the right direction. I believe that we have been given sufficient stress, crisis, complexity and consciousness to do things beyond out imagination, larger than our aspirations, more complex than our largest dreams. I believe in love and in you, me and this the most potent moment in our human history."