Benefits of self-compassion

From Ang Sangh Su Kyii: Talking upon release from house arrest to high school students in Hawaii, 2012 about the capacity to draw strength from hardship...and that it is through hardship rather than from ease that we gather strength and the benefits of compassionate wisdom.

“We live, we make mistakes. We suffer and we learn. That is the cycle of life we have to follow. I have no words of wisdom to offer now, no words of infallible advice that would enable you to avoid the pitfalls of human existence. I would wish you a happy journey. One that is free from trouble and defeat. But this fortune is not insured to all of us. For there are those of us who must face their usual and sometimes unusual quota of sorrow and defeats. I would like you to remember that on the darkest night, that there are those who do not know you but who understand your trouble, and who care because they themselves have known the absence of a comforting light. And at those times when your life is full of light, I would like you to think of the ones less fortunate then youwho are deprived of even the basic requirements of existence, those who cannot even dare to hope that salvation is around the corner.”