How we pay attention determines our experience

I deeply believe in opposites.  Our small mind is conditioned to swing from love to hate, pleasure to pain, gain and loss, fame to disrepute. These "worldly winds" taught by the Buddha, were offered as part of a larger map helping us navigate the wilderness of humanity.

Tibetan teacher Chögyam Trungpa once opened a class by drawing a V on a large white sheet of poster paper. He then asked those present what he had drawn. Most responded that it was a bird. "No," he told them. "It's the sky with a bird flying through it."

"How we pay attention determines our experience. ... The good news is that through practice we can intentionally incline our minds toward not controlling and toward an open attention." from True Refuge

In moments of suffering and confusion ~
May are hearts open in self-compassion with gentleness.
May we be filled with loving awareness, ease and well being.
May we all experience and inhabit the sky-like spaciousness of big-mind.
With you in all we are discovering,