What do you value?

Meditation is remembering to come back to the here and now and consciously Be in loving awareness. The beautiful breath of life is experienced in your nose, mouth, lungs, and your entire body.  In each breath, you are strengthening your relationship to this instant in time.

When we suffer or become confused about our own belonging, we can learn to choose to place our attention on our most precious values, stopping the waiting game.  When confused, I sit quietly for a few moments (a bench moment) and turn my attention to recognizing what I value. That I value myself, my body, the trust built from my deepest experiences, my self-sufficiency, my generatively and creativity. I value love, empathy, people, peace, respect and transparency.  I value imperfection, trial and error and the windy road to excellence.  Buddha suggested, begin with yourself and eventually expand the practice to all others.

Someone said the disease of our time is a feeling of not-belonging and un-worthiness.

We need to come back to a Value-Driven life that engages kindly, compassionately with human imperfections and the growth, learnings and blessings hidden in each.

This from Suzuki Roshi: The important thing is remembering the most important thing.