Listening deeply

I read recently that two women friends (dharma practitioners) were out on a walk when they sensed a menacing person. They ran, were chased and held for a time by knife-blade, then released unharmed yet shaken after harrowing minutes. While running, suddenly one of the women felt a deep knowing to stop. She turned, and faced the pursuer. She heard her words coming, apparently not from thinking, but from a deeper consciousness inside her body. She heard herself speak, "No! Stop! Then asked; what do you want? And later from that deep listening...You are a good man...good people are kind and don't try to harm others..."

I've been reflecting with others on meditation(s) as life-path activity. Efforts made now, support what may come next. The aspiration of being intimate with all things
challenges us a great deal to wake-up in the midst of the clamoring world. Naturally in life, trouble finds us sooner or later. Traumas pop up and are everyday. We can move through fear and experience fearlessness with a heart filled with peace and love.

"With even a little intuitive wisdom we will be able to see clearly the ways of the world. We will come to understand that everything in the world is our teacher." Ajahn Chah

May we all learn to value listening with the heart.
May we awaken through fear to fearlessness.
May our hearts be filled with peace.