Basic Goodness

Offering meditation classes inspires a wish to encourage you and all of us that we can take our spiritual practice, our reflections, our personal development and at the same time be socially relevant.  

 In the age where irony and humiliation rule the popular news day, we can dive deeper into the heart to our natural empathy wherever we recognize suffering. In loving awareness we can respond in simple and unique ways that shift us out of fear.

I love this quote from Oscar Wilde who says:  "I have said that behind sorrow there is always sorrow.  It is wiser still to say, that behind sorrow there is always a soul.  And to mock at a soul in pain is a dreadful thing."

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Lastly, from Pema Chodron...        

"There is an unconquerable courage within to be tapped...a boundless well of reserve....a strength at the very core of your Being, your intrinsic human goodness."