We are all subject to freely offered gifts; presents wrapped in what is most natural, yet often dismissed our unseen. Nature is generous and filled with treasures to be appreciated instead of exploited.  Likewise, people are naturally generous with their empathy until that flow is conditioned, contorted and fashioned into someone else's idea of treasure. Perhaps we are here on earth to touch into our deepest values and connect and care about our life's true purpose.

I received this link from Janet S who consistently attends Monday night meditation.   Many of you may have already viewed this video, yet I encourage you to absorb it again, for the inspiration; for the practice; for gratitude's sake, alone. 

Enjoy Louie Schwatzberg's Ted Talk on Gratitude, with visuals and wise commentary.

Feeling grateful makes a bridge to becoming intimate with all things. I am grateful to friends who long to live truth, and without whom I would not be aware, awakening and loving truth. I am equally grateful to what doesn't care at all.  For that indifference fuels my inspiration, too!

So thank you Benefactors. Friends. Neutral People. Difficult People and my Friends-the-Enemy, for being equal stewards and teachers for cultivating gratitude.  And to Our Earth Home, blowing my heart open everyday with wonder, nourishment and vitality.  Bows of gratitude.


May all beings have gratitude and reverence.

May all beings have humility with awe and wonder.

May all beings be grateful and free of fear.