Five Weeks on Fear and Fearlessness: A path of heart and wisdom

These precious earth-rains soften the soil underneath every step we take, absorbing into the root systems of living beings, bringing renewal and sustenance. 

Pema Chodron:

"The dharma very clearly says that the only way to explore Fearlessness, is to know the nature of fear.  Without getting rid or casting out or suppressing, we also don't cling to fear. But that we become very intimate.  We come to know it so well.  That the journey of knowing fear well, moving closer to fear, becomes in fact, the Journey of Courage."

As we unfold into another seasonal change, might we refresh our attitudes, our tools and methods for effectively turning towards what scares us and challenges the heart to open into courage.

May all beings learn to care and connect where there's fear and pain.

May all beings awaken love and courage in the face of what scares us.