Retreat Experience

Listening to what is out of time, larger than me, than us, discovering a larger canvas to place the content of my life and the fast world. The beauty of stillness experienced in nature. The personal and collective aspiration of those gathered in the meditation hall. The practice of silence, then entering creative experience, then going back into silence. 

Living off the grid, hours turned timeless as days unfolded. Simple, beautiful, natural. Sky. Earth. Water. Stars. Rainstorms. Birdsong. Green grasslands. Butterflies and more.

This movement inside stillness where things dissolve. There's no you and me.  We're beyond the tricks of the mind, as one friend shared. We are in a place we don't even have to name. Where all mystical frameworks drop us into the most intimate reality.  Where explanations are not necessary. Just experience through wakefulness. Deep listening.

Says Pico Iyer

“Mysticism is what stands out of time and beyond the unchanging back beat and back stage truth that stands behind all the changing surfaces and shifts in the world.”

Kindness, selflessness, clarity, listening and committing to that path of reality as the very center of our lives. There is joy in the quiet.  I think children of today and tomorrow will be drawn to the essential instead of what is the newest thing in the marketplace.

Stillness, silence enhances the dissolving of anxiety and suffering, bringing us into an essential reality natural to us.

May all beings experience the joy of quiet.

May we be filled with compassion and kindness.

May the strength to love, increase peace in each of us.