Summer Solstice Greetings.

Sequestered in the high desert region of eastern New Mexico; nestled among green rolling hills, ridge-tops, peaks and canyon pastures in the high desert of Eastern New Mexico, I was instantly absorbed in gracious, spacious rain-soaked earth and blue blue, white cloud filled sky and dharma friends. 

Deeply supported, my ten day meditation and inquiry with creativity explorations, also included restful outdoor experiences under cottonwood stands, creekside. Just what this body, mind, heart needed.  Sleep came regularly, long and uninterrupted under clear, starlit skies.  Unplugged, the restorative process came with ease, settled alongside fellow retreat friends with the same aspirations.

This line from one of our daily practices, clearly transmits the gift of this spaciousness.

“...make use of this spaciousness.  This freedom (spiritual) and natural ease, Don't search any further.  Don't go into the tangled jungle looking for the great awakened elephant who is already resting quietly at home in front of your own hearth...everything happens by itself!  Emaho! Marvelous!”