A Foundation of Virtue

To continue this journey requires reinforcing the necessary foundation of virtue.  By establishing a practice of basic morality, of non harming, virtue becomes a safeguard on the path, guiding and protecting us and all we touch from harm.  In the simplest fashion these safeguards are spelled out in the five traditional Buddhist precepts: (1) not killing, (2) not stealing, (3) not speaking falsely or with words that are undermining or untrue, (4) refraining from sexual misconduct and sexual activity that causes suffering or harm to another person, and (5) refraining from intoxicants that lead to the point of heedlessness or loss of awareness.

These basic precepts offer us a powerful means of establishing our life in harmony with the world around us.  Without them our minds will be filled with conflict, guilt, remorse, and complexity...Following the precepts is a way of stabilizing the heart.  By committing to non-harming ourselves and not harming others, we develop a reverent relation to life.

From Bringing Home the Dharma: Awakening Right Where You Are by Jack Kornfield

May all beings be safe from inner and outer harm.