Will with Grace

Many of us are conditioned in this country to harness our will and push and drive with determination until what we think we want, happens. After many years I've come to the understanding that I am in control of so much less than I once imagined.  There are many things that I cannot create by determination or will alone. 

I've come to trust in the power of grace.

In the West we are taught to believe that we can craft our lives into exactly what we want them to be.  Yet in many places in our world, the myth of being in control is exposed as exactly that, a myth.

Real happiness, real peace, comes not from being able to control life but from accepting life as it comes.

Real happiness comes not from getting everything I want but from embracing and deeply appreciating everything that I have. 

This is the beauty, and the power, of grace, surrender and gratitude.

May every day be filled with the happy awareness that we are all connected.

Wishing all beings every where, in goodness and kindness:  May all beings experience the power of beauty and of grace, surrender and gratitude.