Appointment with Nobody (any volunteers?

For our appointment with Nobody
let us meet
at the Clock with no Hands
on the 9th day of the Week
while it is still SummerWinter
and the noonday stars
are spinning peacefully,
and all is well
in all 5,000 Worlds.

And let us call
the meeting notes
of this appointment--

or by its other name--

or by another name--
called Trance,

or by yet another term--
Grateful Rest,

or that dance medicine
whirled in the hoop
of singing soft or strong,
or dancing soft or strong,
or chanting soft or strong,
or making, showing,
teaching, telling,
painting, forming,
soft or strong...
whatever makes Time
--and us-- disappear...

summoning us back
from the edge
of irritated
everyday consciousness--
and instead--
back into Original Consciousness

--that is, complete Return
to Original Hope
that fits like a motherskin
with a fit we can barely feel
so perfect is the size
of True Self when held
against the Nobody.

This comes with love,

"Appointment with Nobody" poem excerpt from The Contemplari manuscript ©2000, by CP Estés, all rights reserved.

Thank you Clarrissa Pinkola Estes for the gift of your wisdom essence.