Beyond two into the One ~

Beyond two into the One ~

Skillfulness with the natural arising of suffering in one's mind or situations, leads to ease and well being.

Like the meadow out beyond right and wrong –  where two become one, unity beckons. (Rumi)  Freedom from suffering is revealed.

As I keep my practice of compassion on the path, I am inspired by offerings thatrepeat as mantra.  This line from Kuan Yin Bodhisattva sutta, continually inspires my effort towards humble understanding, lighting the way through moments of darkness helping to illuminate my heart and mind and immune system!

 From Kuan Yin ~ The response and the way are intertwined inconceivably.

 We all find ourselves caught in what hinders well being.  Caught in grasping and longing for pleasure; caught in anger, resentment or ill-will, even crippling self-doubt or restlessness that leads to indifference, depression or un-caring. Whether minor in appearance, or deeply rooted psychological troubles, we can over-ly identify with these obscurations, causing more harm to ourselves and having negative effects on others.

 While the effects of meditation calms, when trouble arises, Insight Meditation and Loving-kindness practice are what helps transform experience into a wise heart.

 Monday night meditation at Bend Community Healing is an invitation to learn that we can un-learn what no longer serves us and others. We can learn skillfulness with what has been unskillful, and absorb all that suffers, back into ease of conscious Awareness, bringing ease and peaceful presence to our world.

May all beings be filled with luminous clarity and ease of well being.