Everyday suffering has become a challenge of our time. Unlearning harmful emotional habits, has the like-effect of placing an un-fired clay-pot in the heat of the kiln.  Fire strengthens the pot for whatever challenge it will encounter.

Being unsatisfied, or in the spiritual fire, is the ultimate teacher for pointing to the most essential parts of our nature.  Here is what a master meditation teacher says about the practice skill and movement from suffering back into the loving awareness we are.

“When we meditate or reflect on compassion, sympathetic joy, and equanimiy, we can get back in touch with the depths of wisdom and love within each of us.  We can choose to pursue these not only for our own sake, but also for the benefit of those in more desperate circumstances than our own.

 ...Compassion feels like the trembling of the heart in response to seeing pain. Sympathetic joy, joy in the happiness of others, and equanimity, the balance born of wisdom ---can also benefit us in our aspiration to create a better world.”

Sharon Salzberg

May all beings learn to care and connect with pain.

May all beings experience compassionate action.

May all beings be filled with compassion.