Listening deeply

The aspiration of being intimate with all things challenges us a great deal to wake-up in the midst of the clamoring world. Naturally in life, trouble finds us sooner or later. Traumas pop up and are everyday. We can move through fear and experience fearlessness with a heart filled with peace and love.

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What do you value?

Someone said the disease of our time is a feeling of not-belonging and un-worthiness.

We need to come back to a Value-Driven life that engages kindly, compassionately with human imperfections and the growth, learnings and blessings hidden in each.

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The Sacred and The Ordinary

Each breath is a physicalmanifestation of the movement of life itself.

The ocean breathes. We like to sit by the ocean listening to the sound of the waves sweeping in and streaming back across the sand, wave by wave, moment by moment. Watching the water, we can perceive the deep long breath of the tide rolling in, and away. -Trudy Goodman

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Benefits of self-compassion

From Ang Sangh Su Kyii: Talking upon release from house arrest to high school students in Hawaii, 2012 about the capacity to draw strength from hardship...and that it is through hardship rather than from ease that we gather strength and the benefits of compassionate wisdom.

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