What does Transpersonal Mean?

Through learning the mindful skill of inquiry, we study the existential question "Who am I, who are you, what is the world's true nature?"

As we investigate further, you begin to identify outer layers that you have become overly identified with and have caused you to suffer throughout your life. You may discover where personality fixations, instinctual and habitual reaction, constructed defenses, concepts and beliefs have distorted perception, distracting you from sustaining peace in your self and in your everyday lives.  We will find the antidote as well as the power of love and clarity within, that can enable an authentic expression of your hearts longing and deepest fulfillment of embodiment into your lifetime.

Connecting with your self, relationship, family, work, communities or personal aspiration - requires that we live a way of life infused with the deepest values and awakened consciousness of mind and heart.  That you accept the ambiguous nature of your life journey - then more space and respect for the curriculum.

This priceless connection of what matters most, is what makes transformation possible.It is from your sincerity of heart and wise effort, that  "freedom from grasping is possible."

People who come to see me for counseling are seeking a clear and compassionate collaboration regarding the way through personal, relationship, family, health issues, death and dying - transitions and traumas that encompass all the milestones in an individual life. We step thoughtfully into a collaborative inquiry and investigation of your authentic personal experience. This is the juncture where you turn your attention inward and dig deeper than you thought you needed to meet the Awareness and goodness of heart that was there all along. Tapping into that well, you may directly awaken to and embody the inner wisdom and knowing heart you "took birth for."   As your effort matures and becomes more effective with others, a "gradual awakening unfolds." Mistakes are what compel us toward change. We learn to appreciate them.

Revelation of the timeless Oneness with all of existence breaks through the clouds, illuminating our interior world and refreshing our contact with all of life. 

Awareness of blessings and grace waft through our lives with greater frequency.  

“Love and compassion are not the possession of any group or religious system. They are woven into our human spirit and our very cells. The only nourishment they require is our intimate and heartfelt attention. There is no hardship and no difficulty that enough love cannot conquer, no distance that enough love cannot span, no barrier that enough love cannot overcome.”
— "The Art of Forgiveness, Lovingkindness and Peace" Jack Kornfield
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Dear Sincere Friend,
Listening long, deep and slow to your mind, body and heart leads us to discovering and living closely to your deepest values, intentions and essential qualities.

For over thirty years I have been guided by self-awareness, empathy and a depth understanding of how the outer world works both within myself and hundreds of people in sessions, classes, workshops and retreats.

Private consultations flow to the edge of your conscious evolution helping you to express a kind of attention, a kind of clarity, an insightful kindness.

Celebrating life, this attention does everything possible to reduce suffering.I look forward to what we may discover together!