Spirit Rock

Spirit Rock Meditation Center is dedicated to the original teachings of the Buddha. Vipassana (Mindful Awareness) and Metta (Divine Abodes - lovingkindness, compassion, spontaneous joy and equanimity) are offered to anyone sincere in investigating these time-honored and practical practices; including families.  If you are interested in attending on-going classes, groups, workshops, community-wide benefits, or residential meditation retreats on site or located near your community, check out this website.  These residential retreats often offer, in addition to depth Meditation Practices, movement meditations such as yoga and tai chi, as well as theme-based retreats that explore extensively the integration of Universal principles and truths, into the modern-day complexities of daily life.  These offerrings are taught by Jack Kornfield, co-founder, alongwith an extensive Senior Teacher Council, many of whom have been practicing and teaching for decades.  You can find out more about Spirit Rock by visiting and exploring the website at www.SRMC.org


Dharma Seed

Since the early 1980's, Dharma Seed acrchive tape library has collected and distributed Dharma talks freely offered by a diverse Council of Senior Meditation Teachers, many of whom are instrumental in bringing Buddhism to the West. These well known teachers offer their insights both at Insight Society Meditation Center in Barre, Mass., as well as Spirit Rock Meditation Center, in Woodacre, CA. By viewing Dharma Seeds Catalog, you can download, stream or obtain CD's of various topics by logging onto their website, dharmaseed.org. Dharma Seed is a non-profit operating solely on donations (dana) offered by recipients.


Other links:

Spirit Rock Meditation Center: Founder and Sponsor Jack Kornfield and the Spirit Rock Teacher Council -

              (* Sponsoring and certifying the Community Dharma Leader Senior Student Collective)

Teachers: Thanissara and Kittisaro Spirit Rock Senior Teachers, trainers and mentors - Founders of Dharmagiri.org

DharmaSeed.org Library of teachings freely offered for immediate listening, streaming and downloading.

ChiCenter.org with senior teacher Mingtung-Gu: Residential chi-gong retreats in Santa Fe, NM

Process-Oriented Psycholoy: Founders Dr. Arnold Mindell and Dr. Aimee Mindell.

The Hendricks Institute: Founders Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks, PhD.

Diamond Heart Approach and the Ridwhan School with A. H. Almaas, founder

San Francisco's Institute of Transpersonal Psychology

John F. Kennedy University

Sonoma State University

Process Painting - with Michele Cassou

Warm Rocks Book and Tape Library - Stephen and Ondrea Levine

Courage to Love Couples Retreats and Workshops with Debra Chamberlin-Taylor & George Taylor