Go beyond quick fix mentality to the awakened heart!

Practice of Presence –
Exploring the Personal and Transpersonal


Whatever the catalyst to seek counseling, skillful attention within the present moment enables the transformative power of awareness...which is transpersonal...to illuminate, heal and integrate the personal.

Within the context of session work the orientation is:
Body-centered inquiry, conscious communication, intention, mindfulness, visioning, the co-creative process, and moment to moment revelation. Aware of the subtle shifts and movement in the here and now, whatever challenges we face become a gateway to explore our true hearts knowing.

Within the context of receptive learning and with the intention of increasing your skill level through inter-active inquiry exercises, we explore facets of the personal and transpersonal such as:

  •  personality shaping and what's beyond
  •  generational patterning
  •  the journey through relationships between equals
  •  milestones and life-transitions that begin in your twenties and never cease!
  •  discover connection with your innate health and well being with the anatomy and application of mindful awareness.


Office Hours: 10am-6pm Pacific Standard Time

(flexible for other time zones)

Inquire about session fee and sliding scale by setting up a free, twenty minute, initial phone consultation where we will collaboratively screen compatibility or make referrals.

Call or email: (541)728-8563 or valeta1bruce@gmail.com for more information